Tired to Terrific

When I hit the age of 45 (a few years ago now) I noticed my body and energy levels changing. I was struggling to wake up every morning. I was tired during the day, and feeling very lacklustre. My weight was slowly creeping up and up, and found that I couldn’t wear my favourite clothes anymore. What was going on? I was also the kind of person that started healthy living programs, but dropped off after about day six.

I have always been a very active person. I competed in triathlons when I was younger, and I have always loved riding my bike. I still ride today for the freedom and escapism. Being overweight and lacking energy was never an issue for me until my mid forties.

In August 2016 I started Arbonne’s 30-day Healthy Living program with a small group of ladies. We all teamed up, got ourselves a Facebook Group and made a commitment to each other. We made small changes to our daily habits. We drank protein shakes for breakfast. We focussed on whole foods healthy eating. And for the first time ever these changes worked. I felt great and I lost weight. More importantly my energy levels were terrific.

Today I love to help men and women feel better about themselves and create a healthy life for themselves and their family. But what I am really passionate about it helping those women over 45 to look and feel younger.

Healthy Living Inside and Out

I have always used good skincare, even when I was a student. I knew back then that it would pay off in my later years. And it has. When I tried the Arbonne RE9 Anti-Ageing skincare, I noticed a difference the next day. My skin was more radiant and it glowed. Setting up a daily routine is worth it and I am here to help you achieve healthy-looking, beautiful skin and overall wellness. Start now with an anti-ageing skincare sample for FREE*.

* Available only in Australia, NZ, US, UK and Canada

Linda Clucas

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